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Givenchy Haute Couture 09/10 Spring

January 31, 2009

With a flowered floor started the runway which is romantic and quite sexual. the beginning was with taillers and skirts with different cuts, they are beige and then the runway change for white dresses made by crossing ribbons with a transparent fabric on the top. later it started show dresses with V-neck made by satin. Up to that time it hadn’t showed prints on the show, but in this collection there are two pieces with flower petals prints, and there are a lot of ribbons making the bodies of the dresses. He finished the show with black dresses with V-neck.

Really good I loved it!


Christian Lacroix Haute Couture 09/10 Spring

January 30, 2009

It starts with military way and then it change completely, to loose, coloured and bulky dresses. There are a little bit of black and white, but the highlight of the show were the colours.

There are dresses which reminisced me about Edwardian era, because there are a lot of information on the clothes, too much colours, too many embroideries and the bulky, of course.

The skirt green with blue sounds so beautiful. I really loved it.. The fiancée dress are prefect, the bodice has a beautiful embroidery.

The tulle dresses were the only thing that was unnecessary.

Chanel Haute Couture 09/10 Spring

January 29, 2009

What a details, what a finishes. The simple goes chic, that’s what Karl Lagerfelt did yesterday morning. To tell the truth I don’t think black and white is for spring summer, but this collection remained me of it. I can’t say why.

What always calls me attention on the Chanel shows are the details, they are so accurate, and sometimes we can’t find them on the pictures. Look the clothes edge, closer on the prints, sequins, crochet and the sculpted collars.

It’s funny that with recession Chanel could make a very good collection and did not lose its style even spending less. You could noticed that the catwalk are a little simple.

I loved the degrading embroideries starting the bottom to the top and the transparency on the top of tight white trousers. There are a little bit of geometry on the embroideries.

The show is practically white, the black was made to make the details which have made all the difference.

Check the video out!

Armani Privé HC 09/10 Spring

January 27, 2009

He is famous by his suits, this time there are plenty of them on the show. They have worked sleeves. The suit has sort of a bow which goes around it making a belt.. really creative.

Armani Privé is also known by your jewellery in this collection there are a lots of them, and beautiful and well-made ones.

He made embroideries of flowers and fans, really great ones. The hair are amazing really short and really black, and there are ones fixed to top.

The gowns weren’t too much exciting, there aren’t any creation on them. Of course there were a few great gowns.

Christian Dior HC Spring 09/10

January 27, 2009

I’ve been seeing a lot of bad comments about Christian Dior Luxury and how this collection is simple. I complete disagree. The collection is not so innovating, of course, but who is gonna be all the time?

There are beautiful skirts with beautiful volumes as usual, the  silhouette is the same as before. There are a lot of tulip print on the gowns. To tell the truth the gowns were the only things that let me down. the architectural sleeves were what I loved most.

check some pictures out.

The first day !

January 27, 2009

Here is a previously from the first day of Haute Couture. I don’t have to much to comment, because I haven’t seen those collection completely.

I haven’t seen any pictures of  Felipe Oliveira aptista and Adeline Andre show. But I still think that the Armani Prive shows was the best. Great creation, beautiful colours.

look for yourself

The Haute Couture Spring Summer 09/10 dates

January 26, 2009

Today, started the Haute Couture Fashion Shows in Paris which are the most important runways in the world.

Follow the dates and fashion designers below:

  • First Day 01/26

Alexis Mabille
Stephane Rolland
Christophe Josse
Christian Dior
Felipe Oliveira aptista
Adeline Andre
Armane Prive

  • Second Day 01/27

Chathy Pill
Christian Lacroix
Atelier Gustavo Lins
Dominique Sirop

  • Third Day 01/28

Franck Sorbier
Elie Saab
Jean Paul Gaultier
LeFranc .Ferrant
Josep Font

Lets wait for reviews, pics and videos.