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Gloria Coelho

June 17, 2007

In my opinion, one of the most important famele fashion designer in Brazil.

She used a transparent and hard tissue in overcoat, could you believe in that? Yeah she used not just overcoat but jackets too. And I sounds great, because she used the transparency, so it looks like great for the summer.

She started the show with gray and fresh colors, and then the shocking colors start to show up. If you are not following the trends you probably don’t know the shocking colors is coming very hard in this summer.

she made, beautiful short colored dresses putting tissues on tissues. She made a beautiful black jacket without a second sleeve. And black was one of the colors more used by her.

She used some satin ribbon on some dresses, but with the same colors of the dress. she made some romantic dresses too with hoods on it. She made many pants with volume on the hip.

Basically this collection doesn’t have shorts and jumpsuits, as we’ve been seeing. In my opinion this is a innovative collection.

PS: The second picture was my favorite look.


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