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Dolce Gabbana fragrance the one’s launch

July 17, 2007

As most of the people know, Gisele Bündchen is the face of the Dolce Gabbana fragrance The One.

Yesterday on the 5th avenue in New York was The One launch. Of course, Gisele was presented, she was wearing a beautiful dress of Dolce Gabbana (of course).

You can see the comercial below.

She gave an little inteview in the even, you can check this out.

Still the one

Don’t feel sorry for Gisele Bündchen. She’s no longer the face (and body) of Victoria’s Secret, but she’s keeping plenty busy. Fresh off her turn as the first exit at Christian Dior’s 60th anniversary couture show, where she beat out supes like Naomi, Linda, Amber, and Shalom for the privilege, Bündchen made a special appearance at Saks Fifth Avenue today to promote Dolce & Gabbana’s latest fragrance, The One. She had time for just a few questions before greeting her many fans.

The press release for The One says it’s made for the “ultimate diva.” Are you a diva?
What do you think? No, really, when Domenico and Stefano called me about this project, they said they were looking for a strong, confident woman—someone who’s comfortable in her own skin and sexy, but not too sexy, because there’s a fine line. This woman, she’s more glamorous than me, but I felt flattered that they still think of me as “the one” after having worked together for ten years.

What do you think of the fragrance?
I really love it, but my sisters will be very upset if I get home without one for each of them. I’m going home now for my holiday and they’ll kick me out of the house if I don’t have them. laugh.gif

What’s the best place in Brazil for a holiday?
Brazil is an amazing country. For parties, I’d say go to Rio. São Paulo is like New York City, but bigger. If you want to eat, go there—it has great restaurants. If you want to chill, go to the north. The south, where I’m from, is not so touristy. When you go to Brazil, you feel at home, welcome. It’s not like going to England, where no one looks at you. I remember the first time I was there, I was like, they don’t like me. I was 16. No one wanted to give me a hug. In Brazil, everybody hugs everybody. It’s just a different culture.

How did it feel to open the Dior show?
I have never been so nervous in my entire life. I kept saying, “Can anyone help, can anyone go before me? I don’t want to be the first one.” John [Galliano] is another amazing designer. It was very exciting for me. I could barely breathe. The whole time I was walking—it was 150 meters—I was thinking, God help me, just help me get to the end of this. And then I made it and I had to watch the show for half an hour. All the girls were nervous; it wasn’t just me.

Speaking of comfort, or the lack thereof, how does that corset dress feel?
That’s the cool thing about Dolce & Gabbana. They can make you look sexy without pain. You know how they say, No pain, no gain? That’s not happening. Look, it’s latex. I can eat cake; I can eat whatever I want.

What’s your favorite Dolce & Gabbana piece?

I have a black bustier dress that’s very typical of Dolce & Gabbana. The back is completely open; it’s so sexy. From the front, it’s just this black tube, but from the back, it’s all open.
—Nicole Phelps

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  1. July 18, 2007 11:04 pm

    when she did their ads & walked their runways, they were so glamourous, sexy but not too much, i would like to see dolce & gabbana return to that

  2. December 16, 2007 7:38 pm

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  3. December 20, 2009 7:49 pm

    From cold fish to hot blooded mammal, thanks to one single item of lingerie – I will leave the rest up to your imagination!

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