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SPFW started on Wednesday

January 18, 2008

I love the fashion shows of my country, it is obvious because I’m Brazilian and patriotic.

It started on Wednesday, and now I’m gonna start putting comments of the runways here. I love see the evolution of the fashion in my country, and how the fashion has been growing up over here.

Now, I have to confess how angry I am about the SPFW’s official site, it was the only official site of the all fashion shows around the world which used to put all the fashion shows’ complete videos, but now, they has changed the layout of the site and it is impossible to watch the videos.

check out the line-up

Wednesday, 1/16

Forum by Tufi Duek
Fausen Haten (female)
Alexandre Herchcovitch (female)
Patricia Vieira

Thursday, 1/17

Tereza Santos
Maria Bonita
Jefferson Kulig

Friday, 1/18

Reinaldo Lourenço
Giselle Nasser
Mario Queiroz
Huis Clos
Lino Villaventura

Saturday, 1/19

Raia de Goeye
Lorenzo Merlino
Fabia Bercsek
Fause Haten (male)
André Lima

Sunday, 1/20

Carlota Joakina
Wilson Ranieri
Erika Ikezili
Samuel Cirnansck

Monday, 1/21

Gloria Coelho
Simone Nunes
Alexandre Herchcovitch (male)
Priscila Darolt
Do Estilista
Ronaldo Fraga

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