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Balenciaga Spring Summer 2009 women PARIS

November 3, 2008

Nicolas Ghesquiere, the Balenciaga fashion designer, is very professional and he made in this season (spring summer 2009 women), a great innovative collection.

The first part of the runway, they are wearing a short dress which on the top there is a fabric stretched from the plain middle to the end making some drapes. the clothes on the beginning are very plain without any prints on them. the colours are very smooth. there aren’t curves on this clothes, they are very square.

You can notice some jackets, differents ones, because they are very colored and brilliant, and the coulours change with the lights. they were made by uncommon cuts. And I say the same for the trousers.

The men part is not different of the women. they were wearing suits with uncommon cuts and without curves. But you can notice they are still classics, but a little bit more contemporary.

The second women’s part, the runway goes to another way. It starts showing up some plain blouses, which are very clean but made by different cuts. The highlight of this part it is the trousers which have a very strange cut, with the black colour hidden by superimposition.

And then the dresses start to show up. They have curves and frills now. They are very colored and brilliant as I said before about the jackets. And they have sleeves stuck to the arms, with different fabrics without any brightness.

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  1. November 4, 2008 7:02 am

    Balenciaga has started to become the most sought after of the designers.. Mainly thanks to Nicolas. I live 4 blocks from The Balenciaga Flagship store in West Hollywood- and it is Dangerous!

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